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Coffee house music of the 21st Century - classical music, swing and much, much more

The Bremer Kaffeehaus-Orchester

The Bremer Kaffeehaus-Orchester is a unique ensemble of five musicians who have committed their careers to the cultural phenomenon of "coffee house music" after having completed their professional education in classical music in 1990.

Anselm Hauke, Constantin Dorsch, Gero John, Johannes Grundhoff and Klaus Fischer have played music together under the name of "Bremer Kaffeehaus-Orchester" since April 30th, 1990. It's been almost 25 wonderful years.

There has to be something that motivates five musicians to keep doing something together for so long: In order to be able to stay the same for 25 years, we had and still have to keep changing again and again.

After we had found each other while still studying music, we developed and nurtured a "classical" coffee house repertoire from Strauss to Grieg, from Lincke to Lehár, from Elgar to Toselli and back.

By producing our CD "Winter Wonderland" in 2002, we started an affair with swing music that still hasn't really ended today. In the following years we gradually added the South American tango, the French chanson, Mozart, Ravel, Shostakovich, Japanese cherry blossoms, the Beatles and other new elements.

Our range of instruments expanded as well: Klaus Fischer added the alto saxophone, clarinet and bass clarinet to his flute and piccolo. The development of our range of wind instruments was crowned by Constantin Dorsch, however, who has distinguished himself as a sophisticated and wonderful virtuoso on the vuvuzela in addition to playing the violin.

In short:

To us, the music of the Bremer Kaffeehaus-Orchester is the result of the way we - as interpreters, processors and composers - have been connecting to the extremely versatile forms of music of the last 75 years as well as to the "classic pieces" of the past three and a half centuries. We modesty call it the "coffee house music of the 21st Century".

Not only does the continuous development of our repertoire make it easy for us to stay alert and flexible but it also enables us to constantly freshen up the relationship with our audience. A certain playful openness, an interest in musical boundaries and an attitude of attentive affection towards that audience keep away boredom even after 25 years. We are looking forward to each new concert. Every time.

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